About Massage Serenity


Massage Serenity is an integrated health company that provides alternative medicine for clients suffering from injuries. Our treatments consists of chiropractic medicine and medical massage therapy. All of our providers are fully licensed, credentialed, and insured to provide you the best service possible.

We are committed to providing expert treatment with the highest level of professional care with friendly and helpful service. Because we specialize in injury treatment, we are also fully equipped to provide relaxation massage, pregnancy massage and treatment of adult and children’s sports injuries.


When clients with injuries and stress want to consider alternative medicine versus the traditional treatments, they come to us. By accepting 3rd party payments and offering massage memberships, clients can received treatment with little to know out of pocket expense.

Our therapists understand the nature of pain, its sources, and its effect on all areas of daily life. Each patient receives sensitive and caring treatment tailored to most effectively promote swift healing while relieving  pain.


Massage Serenity is one of the operating companies that was acquired by LSG Holdings in 2017. LSG Holdings operates to invest in alternative medicine providers, companies, therapists, products, and equipment that treats clients for therapy in the areas of pain management ranging from chiropractic care for auto accident injuries to medical massage therapy for pain management.