Massage Therapy after an Auto-Accident

Whether it’s whiplash, pinched nerves, carpel-tunnel syndrome or just aches and pains, physical medicines such as chiropractic care and massage therapy can reap mounds of results.

Joe Neely, a Massagetique Correspondent, lists the following 7 reasons to find a massage therapist after a car accident. (Paraphrased)

1. Massage therapy can help a concussion.

2.  Massage therapy can help with whiplash.

3.  Massage therapy can relieve other neck issues.

4. Massage therapy as been known to significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and PTSD.

5. Massage could be an effective treatment for those with spinal cord injuries.

6.  Therapeutic massage is a good  complimentary treatment for knee pain.

7.  Massage therapy can reduce emotional trauma.

Read the entire article here

Source: Massagetique

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